The perfect environment to reach your Audience

The Underground is the fundamental public transport system of contemporary metropolis. IGPDecaux is present in the undergrounds of almost all Italian cities (Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Brescia), carrying around 750 million passengers a year.

The audience, including passengers and non-passengers, is mainly composed of of young people with a high economic status and education, engaged in study and work activities. Users are loyal, therefore high frequency exposures are granted.

Advertising is positioned in key areas of the stations, with the aim of reaching all visitors and maximising the effectiveness of the advertisement. The large size and close-up view of the advertising - in addition to the almost total absence of shops - results in extremely high visibility.  

Underground advertising is sold in predefined indivisible packages of advertising faces (networks) spread across several stations or inside the trains. It is possible to purchase whole areas of the stations in order to dominate them and individual positions for long periods.