Prestigious spaces and long stays

The airport is a modern and dynamic environment where people have average stays of 70-80 minutes. In this context advertising displays are positioned with the aim of reaching all passengers and maximising the message effectiveness, as a result of talking to users continuously, closely, distracting them and making dwell time colourful and pleasant.

Advertising communication within the airport follows passengers physical path: displays extend from departures to check-in and arrivals, allowing brands to carry them through the airport with consequential and coordinated messages. The universe of airport goers is not limited only to travellers (of high status and schooling, with a purchasing power above the average), but also extends to meeters and greeters and employees of different airport services.

IGPDecaux guarantees its customers airports coverage of the North-West, the most productive area of Italy and the most connected with Europe and the rest of the world. Indeed, it operates within the three main Milan Airports (Malpensa T1 and T2, Linate), Bergamo, Turin and Genoa, reaching approximately 49.5 million passengers a year.

The digital systems inside the airport are sold in predefined and non-divisible sets of advertising networks circuits for a period of 14 days (in case of special events it is also possible to buy a single week); while external digital displays are sold monthly and/or annually. Traditional displays inside the airport, on the other hand, are sold by the unit for extended periods (monthly, annually or permanently).