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For a flexible purchase based on Impression
IGPDecaux's totally brand-safe and fraud-free programmatic solution helps customers reach over 100 million weekly impressions on over 500 digital screens in cities, subways, and airports.


Maximum targeting ability

The right screen, in the right place, at the right time
Thanks to the Programmatic sales approach, customers can identify the right places and times to hit their target for more relevant and contextualized messages.

Flexible and customizable creative management

The perfect creativity for every time and place
With dynamic creative optimization (DCO), the advertising campaign may include different options based on external data feeds or at different times of the day or days of the week, for more effective messages and a stronger impact of communication.


Case History


Our customer Discovery selected the programmatic channel to inform its audience about the new programs that will be offered by replicating the campaign for several shows: Married at First Sight, Gino cerca chef, Deal with it, ClioBackHome, SexTape, and many other shows, followed one another over the months.

San Raffaele Hospital

The San Raffaele Hospital was willing to raise awareness among the citizens of Milan on the 5x1000 donation campaign to support the research efforts of the institution. When the fund-raising period ended, a second campaign was planned to thank the generous Milanese population.


When the new Gold Store opened in Milan, ASUS selected a geotargeted campaign in the vicinity of the new store. Not only was programmatic advertising provided in the digital shelters closest to the store, but the Lima underground station was also entirely decorated.


Oris leveraged Milan's digital shelters for a brand awareness campaign: for two weeks, the surface displays of the capital of Lombardy showed new models of the renowned Swiss watches.


McDonalds identified the most suitable time slots for its promotional campaign and delivered its message on surface and underground screens in the cities of Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin and Brescia.

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