IGPDecaux Milano campagna Out Of Home per Mutti

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The undergound stations of Milano Cadorna (on the M1 and the M2 lines) and Moscova (on the M2 line) were entirely decorated in both the binaries and the mezzanine areas to entice passers-by with a...

Out of Home advertising in Milan IGPDecaux Station Domination for Barilla

Bennet, the historic supermarket chain founded by the Ratti family, which is currently part of the National Network of the VéGé Group, strengthens its presence in Lombardy starting from Milan and...

OOh advertising in Milan IGPDecaux Station Domination for Bennet

A definitely glamorous touch decorates the underground station of Duomo M1 thanks to the OOH campaign realized by the IGPDecaux Creative Solutions. 

Out of Home IGPDecaux advertising in Milan Station Domination for Real Time

From the 24th of June until mid-July, it is on air the OOH campaign realized by IGPDecaux launching the new Sammontana ice-cream

Pubblicità su autobus IGPDecaux Firenze Side Banner per Sammontana