Albero Sky Piazza Duomo IGPDecaux

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Miss Sixty switches on a Tram of lights (@Klaxon) thanks to IGPDecaux that brought the clothing brand based in Rome to enlighten the Christmas streets of Milan on the occasion of a store new...

Tram Luci Darsena

The Italian leader of web housing portals, enhances its presence "on the road" by personalizing fifteen trams in Rome, Milan, Turin and Florence. 

IMMOBILIARE-IT on the road con la sua prima campagna su rotaia

On the occasion of the launch of IT, thriller horror movie by Andy Muschietti, from the original dreadful best-seller by Stephen King, Milan's Digital Shelters became Smart.

le pensiline digitali di Milano sono diventate SMART

McDonald's McDelivery service calms down any sense of hunger, it allows to order your MC Menu directly from yor couch or, why not, from a bus shelter.

McDelivery special bus shelters IGPDecaux